Why I removed my “Wanna Play?” Page

Hey all, finally got around to working on this blog again. Have a bunch of updates in no particular order:

  1. I removed the “Wanna Play” page
    • This is mostly a future proofing measure. As much as I’d like to be able to engage each and everyone of you individually, once there’s more than like 25 of you that’ll probably be a little straining on my time and social energy. I’ll be trying to get some other means of interaction going though! I’ll also be messing around with a few other things having to do with how things are organized around here.
  2. I’m now a Game Designer at CGC Games
    • It’s been a really amazing experience learning about how games are brought from the scribbles on a notebook to actual cardboard. It’s also been amazing discussing and playtesting with other game designers, not to mention tons of fun. I’ll definitely have tons to post about this.
  3. Expect more content soon!
    • I’m not entirely sure if I’ll go with a regular schedule or just whenever, but it’ll definitely be more frequent than things have been!

Anyways, thanks for reading this far! My next post will be more exciting, I promise.