Why Game Design doesn’t belong under Gaming (and other news)

So here’s some thing that’ve been going on with me recently:

  1. Did some reorganization around here, hopefully things are easier to find
  2. I get to call myself a Game Designer now 😀
  3. I’m looking into setting up a twitch stream

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Being “that guy” who’s selling a game to everyone

So I’ve been helping out at CGC Games for almost a year now. As a small indie company (studio? organization? group of friends making games?) we all have to do lots of different things to pitch in. One thing that we all work on a little bit, is talking about the game (Terrene Odyssey) in hopes that people will support us–aka sell the game. Here’s some thoughts on how that turned out different from how I expected it to (and here’s some from the creator of SCALE).

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