Grinding the Time Away

This is my 50th blog post and I’m pretty happy to have been at this for almost 3 years now! That’s a fair amount of time to put into a blog that covers something as niche as game design! Today, while looking for inspiration for a post worthy of my 50th post, I found 3 different drafts commenting on grinding in games. Since we’re vaguely thinking about time management right now, and the topic was clearly important to me in the past, I decided to hunker down and finally finish articulating what I had wanted to say.

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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

The iOS “box art”

Back in my high school days, one of my favorite games for the Gameboy Advanced was Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. It was an imaginative and playful game, and I really appreciated the opportunity it gave me to outsmart the meager AI. However, one topic that always came up when talking about that game with my friends was how “everyone” preferred the original Final Fantasy Tactics (released for the PS1).

When I heard that Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (a remake for the PSP) was going to be ported to iOS, I was excited to give it a shot and I bought the game. Within the context of the iOS market, the $15 price tag is staggeringly high, but that’s around half-off the price of console games back in 1998 and it’s still cheaper than buying the original PS1 game. Now that I’ve just finished the main story line of the game, I’ve decided to write down some thoughts. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS Continue reading