F2P Innovators

A few days ago (however long you imagine it takes me to write these sorts of posts), I happened upon a blog on Gamasutra by Ed Biden about how Hearthstone has managed to buck some of the conventions of f2p mobile games (that tend to be unpopular), yet still remain successful. In particular he noted that Hearthstone was the following:

  • lacking an Energy System
  • selling only permanent items (no timed boosts)
  • highly skill based
  • primarily synchronous PvP

He did remark that a big factor in the success of these breaks from convention was the result of having a stable player base, which is much easier to achieve for Blizzard than smaller companies. Regardless, I thought that was pretty cool to highlight a success story counter to the usual (unpopular) conventions, so I decided to write a post doing some more of that.

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