Setting up the booth

The CGC Games booth is now set up.



Come visit us at lot 2829!



Also, bonus photo:

Our booth is pretty close to the restrooms and water fountains. Score!



Writing: Tip Tuesday – Terrene Odyssey!

012_Zowie_CharacterPNG 046_Scout_CharacterPNG

001_Terreria_LocationPNGZowie is Light Affiliation. Scout is Dark Affiliation. Between the two of them, you can fulfill all the affiliation requirements on Terreria! Even better, if you hide Zowie using Terreria’s effect, you can recruit her again to search for EVEN MORE SCOUTS!

This is a test post to see how things look when pushing to different social medias. Getting everything just right can be difficult! This time, I’m looking to make sure the thumbnail pictures are descriptive of the post, and the title and summary aren’t garbled too much by attribution or anything.