Dwarven Weeaboos is a 100 card set collection game about anime and nerd culture. As a light social game, the game’s design could not assume veteran gaming literacy, so the layouts had to emphasize accessibility and clarity without relying on advanced game concepts.

The main phase of the game consists of “collectibles cards” that players accumulate over the course of the game. Things could get pretty hectic with up to 5 players creating their own collections of up to 5 distinct categories of collectibles. Here’s a few of the features that went into making the layouts more accessible:

  • Art on top allows card stacking to reduce table space used
  • Colored tags (Start Turn, End Turn, Action, etc.) indicate effects timings and reduce missed activations
  • Consistent category color language

The scoring phase of the game involved the reading of a community created “waifu”. Depending on the assembly, collectibles change value dynamically, and each type of body part could only be played once.

  • Collectible category color language and scoring language held consistent
  • Body part type indicator intuitively demonstrated body part mechanics

TOG Design Challenge Submission (Finalist)

My submission to a Design Challenge by The Octalysis Group featuring Habitica was selected as a finalist. Habitica is a gamified productivity app with a fantasy theme; completing tasks provides the user with experience points and gold which they use to power up and finish quests. Here are a few excerpts from my submission:



I was also a contributor to much of Terrene Odyssey’s online presence, working on the visual design, data entry, and content creation for the official Wikipedia, website and social media:



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