Temporal Odyssey at Gencon50!


Terrene Encounters is now Temporal Odyssey! We’ll be showing off the game at Level 99’s exhibitor booth at Gencon50 (Exhibit #2149)! I’ll be around, so drop by and try the game out!


Economics in Games featuring Armand Domalewski!

This Saturday (July 22nd) at noon (PDT), I will be bringing a special guest on stream to talk about the interaction of economics and games! Armand is a good friend, who in addition to knowing a lot about economics, also has expertise in debate and respectable nerd cred himself including Pokemon Go training for Sen. Scott Wiener.

Follow Armand on Twitter: @ArmandDoma

Octalysis Level 2 Certified

Hey all, this is gonna be another quick self-promotion post. So I’m now Level 2 Octalysis Certified, but instead of this just being an achievement announcement, I felt like this would be a good excuse to talk about what gamification is and how it’s thought about. So let’s talk about the prompt and skills tested by Octalysis Level 2 certification.

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Pokemon Go Stories #1 Laguna

Hey all, welcome to my newest series: Pokemon Go Stories! The goal of this series is to take advantage of my very narrative-centric playstyle in Pokemon Go by actually telling the stories behind the pokemon I keep around. You should expect the stories to be about half travel journal, half in-joke, and half kinda lame (naming is one of my weakpoints in narrative creation). So without further ado:

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