Pokemon Go Stories #1 Laguna

Hey all, welcome to my newest series: Pokemon Go Stories! The goal of this series is to take advantage of my very narrative-centric playstyle in Pokemon Go by actually telling the stories behind the pokemon I keep around. You should expect the stories to be about half travel journal, half in-joke, and half kinda lame (naming is one of my weakpoints in narrative creation). So without further ado:

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Game Design Misconception 2: Balance is Parity

Welcome back to my game design misconceptions series. We’re back and gonna be discussing a particularly tricky misconception today: the purpose of game balance. These are all misconceptions I’ve held at one point or another as I grew as a game designer, so hopefully it’ll be informative to all you aspirants out there too!

As to the reasoning behind the header picture? I’ve still got quite a few more misconceptions to post about, so I’m gonna leave that explanation as a teaser for a later post.

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Game Design Misconception 1: Balance is Paramount

Like any discipline, game design has it’s share of misconceptions held by the public or aspirants to the field. Maybe it’s because game design is a relatively new field, or maybe its because players don’t realize the gap between their feedback and the improvements they’re hoping for. But that’s just the process of learning, so this series is going to share some of the misconceptions that I’ve held along my journey as a game designer.

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