Economics in Games featuring Armand Domalewski!

This Saturday (July 22nd) at noon (PDT), I will be bringing a special guest on stream to talk about the interaction of economics and games! Armand is a good friend, who in addition to knowing a lot about economics, also has expertise in debate and respectable nerd cred himself including Pokemon Go training for Sen. Scott Wiener.

Follow Armand on Twitter: @ArmandDoma

Octalysis Level 2 Certified

Hey all, this is gonna be another quick self-promotion post. So I’m now Level 2 Octalysis Certified, but instead of this just being an achievement announcement, I felt like this would be a good excuse to talk about what gamification is and how it’s thought about. So let’s talk about the prompt and skills tested by Octalysis Level 2 certification.

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Dwarven Weeaboos Announced By CGC Games

We interrupt this program for an important announcement!

Dwarven Weeaboos, a card game Nathaniel has been acting as producer and game designer on for the last several months, has been announced by CGC Games as it’s next game to be released! It’s a game that celebrates (parodies) anime and nerd culture, and it should be hitting KickstarterĀ in mid-April!


Now back to your regularly scheduled waiting 2 months for a post!


Sorry about the long unannounced break! I was really discouraged from writing here for a while, feeling like I wasn’t really able to produce meaningful posts at three times a week (I was already cheating with micro-posts on Saturdays too!). Many of the posts during that time were getting up with only 7 or 8 revisions, which is only a third of the 20-25 that it usually takes for me to be happy with a post. Because of that, I’ve decided to cut the schedule.

I’m nearly done with my last post in the series on grinding though, so stay tuned for that!

Twitch Stream Link!

Hi all, sorry about the lack of post today. I realized halfway through the day that the post I had planned for today didn’t really make sense. As a deft distraction, I present to you: the new blog menu!

new menu

Note: I now have a link to my Twitch stream! I haven’t decided on a schedule, so I’ll post whenever I go live on Twitter for now!