Temporal Odyssey now on Kickstarter!

The next CGC Game has arrived! Temporal Odyssey, the drafting battle card game for 2-4 time travelers is now on Kickstarter!

2440xWallpaper.jpgWe’re really proud to be presenting this game to you with the help of Level 99 Games! If you’re a fan of their games, there’s a value package that nets you a bunch of their latest games from this year as well!


September 2017 Blog Update

Hey all, I’ve been doing some updates around here! Most of it is under the hood, but I’ve also been making efforts to improve the writing in my portfolio. Check it out here! I’ve also been setting up a glossary of game design terms I’m going to be using in my posts.

Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know if there’s something in particular you’d like to read about in the future!

Pokemon Go Stories #3? FossilKnight & Sonoma

Welcome back to Pokemon Go Stories! In this series, I tell the travel stories, musings on mechanics and inside jokes behind the Pokemon I keep around.

This week’s an interesting one. Apparently I had written Pok√©mon Go Stories #3 in June, but it seems to have gone missing now. So, now with some bonus material (due to the two stories per post format), here’s the stories of FossilKnight and Sonoma!
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Game Design Misconception 3: Planning Stifles Improv

Welcome back to my series on game design misconceptions! Today’s topic is the idea that if one plans too much it can get in the way of being spontaneous and in the moment.

I started noticing this misconception a handful of months ago when I started acting as Game Master (here forth contracted GM’ing) in Dungeons & Dragon (5th Edition). It’s been pretty exciting (especially as a new way to put game design skills to work in a very immediate sense), but whenever I start up a conversation with an experienced player about GM’ing I always get this advice:

Don’t overplan.

and it always struck me as a little strange.

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Pokemon Go Stories #6 Kanabo and PunFodder

Welcome back to Pokemon Go Stories! In this series, I tell the travel stories, musings on mechanics and inside jokes behind the Pokemon I keep around. This time we’re trying something new: more than one pokemon at a time! So for this inaugural multipokemon post, we have a heavy hitter and one that’s not so much: Kanabo and PunFodder!

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Review: Vertiginous Golf

Vertiginous Golf is a digital mini-golf game. Real world golf is a game all about a player knowing how to hit a ball to get it to a destination. Players weigh how much strength, which direction, and moment by moment to attempt to get the best result for each swing. Those that train or practice, do so in hopes of becoming more consistent in their swings, cleverer in their routing and more accurate in their timing.

Considering these three skills, digital golf games are at a disadvantage when it comes the the pursuit of a consistent swing. To compensate, most digital golf games attempt the increase the depth of engagement with the other skills. For example, a filling power meter doubles down on timing skill checks, and adding more ways for wind and terrain to influence the ball adds to spatial skill checks.

Vertiginious Golf, on the other hand, embraces the digital medium and adds unique elements and level designs only possible there. For example, players can rewind their shots to attempt a different angle or timing or by using the influenza bug, they can influence the movement of the ball remotely even after they’ve made their swing.

Thus by adding skills of its own, Vertignious Golf succeeds at being its own game instead of a shadow of a real world game.