Welcome to my blog! My name is Nathaniel Tseng, though I usually go by Archainis in-game. I’m a game designer and helped found CGC Games, a board games studio. I’m also a practicing Christian, descendant of Zengzi, and one of those guys who actually enjoys puns.

My posts are usually game design related, but sometimes they’ll wander into my other interests as well. Thanks for dropping by!

What’s your favorite game?

Picking one is too hard, so here’s some favorites game or games that have been big sources of inspiration to me in an intentionally pseudo-randomized order:

Although I haven’t played some of these games in a while, I’m always down to recount cool stories about them.

What else do you do?

I often tweet “smaller thoughts” (fits in 140 characters) on my twitter: @Archainis. I also stream game first impressions on twitch.tv (link) and develop board games with CGC Games and Coalition Game Studios.

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