Pokemon Go Stories #3? FossilKnight & Sonoma

Welcome back to Pokemon Go Stories! In this series, I tell the travel stories, musings on mechanics and inside jokes behind the Pokemon I keep around.

This week’s an interesting one. Apparently I had written Pokémon Go Stories #3 in June, but it seems to have gone missing now. So, now with some bonus material (due to the two stories per post format), here’s the stories of FossilKnight and Sonoma!


Right around when Pokemon Go was initially released, my family was vacationing in Los Angeles. Up until that point, since I was the only one in the group playing Pokemon Go and no one else was interested in coming with me on my hunts, I was on my own each time. In that way, though Pokemon Go is something interesting to do while hanging out with other players, it can be pretty isolating otherwise.

On the day we arrived in Los Angeles, we visited the La Brea Tar Pits, but since it wasn’t a destination that we planned a lot of time for we were really only there for the afternoon. Unfortunately, when we arrived the museum had already closed for the day. So, with nothing else planned for the day, everyone milled about looking at the outside exhibits.

So fortunately for my Pokemon Go progress, I had to go off and find a restroom while everyone else went exploring together. After concluding business, I found FossilKnight while wandering the park and immediately took a liking to it because of how thematically fitting it was to find it in the Tar Pits.


My church visits Sonoma State University every year for its summer retreat. This particular year, for whatever reason I had looked up that “sonoma” means “moon” in Spanish. With that in combination with knowing at the time that eeveelutions could be determined by nicknames, it seemed like a cool idea to have an umbreon named Sonoma.

The only problem: generation 2 pokemon hadn’t been released yet. So almost a year of waiting later, I finally got to evolve the eevee I had caught into an umbreon as planned.


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