Pokemon Go Stories #6 Kanabo and PunFodder

Welcome back to Pokemon Go Stories! In this series, I tell the travel stories, musings on mechanics and inside jokes behind the Pokemon I keep around. This time we’re trying something new: more than one pokemon at a time! So for this inaugural multipokemon post, we have a heavy hitter and one that’s not so much: Kanabo and PunFodder!

After finding a charizard in my backyard, I was more excited than ever to continue charting the spawns in places I frequent. Aside from my neighborhood, one other such place is the park next to my church. Before I discovered the gyms on the outskirts of my neighborhood, I was under the impression that there was only a single pokestop within the range of my neighborhood. Because of that, my daily dog walks were quite taxing on my pokeball stash despite the fact that I would usually spin that single pokestop three or 4 times while I let my dog socialize in the neighborhood park.

The park near my church on the other hand, had a whopping 5 pokestops! Even better, walking a circuit through them in order took long enough that no waiting was required between check-ins at a single pokestop. Thus, it became a regular fixture in my Pokemon Go habits to walk a handful of laps around the park to restock after church on Sunday.

As I was discovering this routine, it was pinsir season at the park and over the course of the many laps I walked, I had plenty of time to consider the spiked horns of pinsir’s design as a pokemon. Having seen spiked clubs of a similar appearance in depictions of medieval Japanese warriors, I decided to look it up. The weapons were called kanabo, and were associated with ogres and great strength, which seemed like an epic name for a pinsir.

As a pokemon that doesn’t have an evolution, Kanabo was an ideal pokemon to power up for battle since I wouldn’t have to divert any pinsir candy for future evolutions. Combining that with the useful type coverage Fighting/Bug provides, Kanabo has secured it’s place as a cornerstone of my battle teams ever since.

One of the things I was looking forward to most about playing Pokemon Go was the opportunity for the experience of hunting pokemon together with friends. Roaming in a group, comparing collections, or giving tips of interesting pokemon just around the next corner all seemed like positive naturally emerging behaviors from the game. PunFodder was an instance of that third one.

While at church retreat, Pokemon Go had immense popularity. It seemed like nearly 3 of 4 people were playing at the time, even one of our pastors and his family. So when news went around of a butterfree hanging out near the cabins, I made my way over to catch it. While most players considered this fairly unexciting, not only because butterfree is widely considered a weak pokemon but also because there was no bonus stardust or candies for catching pre-evolved pokemon, I was happy that the game was executing on one of the positive emergent behaviors I had envisioned for it (though the severe reliance on perspective management on my part could be improved).

After catching it, I wanted to add another pillar to the story of the pokemon, so I put out a poll on twitter about what to nickname the pokemon. Of course, I received a slew of puns as a response and since I was unable to decide on one or the other I decided taking the meta route would probably suffice.


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