Pokemon Go Stories #4 StuntFighter

Welcome back to Pokemon Go Stories! In this series, I tell the travel stories, musings on mechanics and inside jokes behind the Pokemon I keep around. This time we’ve got a little Hollywood magic with StuntFighter!

I found StuntFighter while on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Though I’ve always found Primape to be a somewhat boring pokemon thematically (it’s an angry monkey that sometimes uses fighting technique… yawn) StuntFighter’s move set having the Fighting/Dark combination inspired me to think of another side to this pokemon. Given the Dark type’s tendency toward trickery or deception, it seemed possible to me that maybe this primape was actually an actor (a villain perhaps?) who was applying fighting and deception together to put on a show with stage fighting! For those of you who don’t know, stage fighting is its own tradition, through which actors find ways to provide convincing performances of fighting while making movements that are significantly safer. Some of these traditions even evolved into games or rituals (like jousting or duels). For those interested in learning more, you can find the wikipedia article on stage combat here.


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