Pokemon Go Stories #2 BeachRat

Welcome back to Pokemon Go Stories! In this series, I tell the travel stories, musings on mechanics and inside jokes behind the Pokemon I keep around. This time around, we have the second ever Pokemon I favorited: BeachRat!


So as astute readers can tell, I caught BeachRat at Newport Beach soon after starting the game and still on vacation. While pretty much everything was new and exciting at the time, BeachRat was especially so because it was the first pre-evolved pokemon I ever encountered. Although I haven’t had a chance to continue training it for a while (my current plan is to work on filling out the pokedex first so that Niantic has time to iron out the awkwardness in their battle system), it having Hyper Beam did snatch a few gym battles from the jaws of defeat back when average gym cp was that low.

BeachRat is the last pokemon I kept from that region, so look forward to some new stories next time!


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