Pokemon Go Stories #1 Laguna

Hey all, welcome to my newest series: Pokemon Go Stories! The goal of this series is to take advantage of my very narrative-centric playstyle in Pokemon Go by actually telling the stories behind the pokemon I keep around. You should expect the stories to be about half travel journal, half in-joke, and half kinda lame (naming is one of my weakpoints in narrative creation). So without further ado:


Picking squirtle was actually a somewhat interesting choice for me, since I had traditionally always picked the grass starter growing up. However, I felt like a bit of a change this time around and felt more aligned with the water element than fire (more on that when I get to team selection?).

Even from my start with the game, I had been resolved to keep pokemon according to the interesting stories behind them (CP could be one of those stories, but it’d be boring if that was most of them). As such, the nickname system was a huge boon for me since it’d allow me to give the pokemon names that called back to the story of how I found it. In this case, Laguna was named after the fact that I started while on vacation with my family in Laguna Beach. Crazy how it’s almost been a year already, huh?

The other fun story I have about Laguna has to do with the 183.3 km walked as my buddy pokemon. While I found one or two squirtle while at Laguna Beach, I haven’t had much chance since then to go out to watery areas specifically for the purpose of acquiring squirtle candy. This made reaching the 25 candy mark to evolve, and then the 100 candy mark to evolve again pretty intense goals. Walking 3 km to get 1 candy is pretty daunting when you only have 12/100 to start! Even now, I have only recently gotten to 100 candies and that’s only in large part thanks to increased candy drop rates from special events. Fun note: this was an even bleaker situation before the buddy system was introduced!

Anyways, that’s the story of Laguna for now! Submit your suggestions for catchy end phrases for this series!


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