Game Design Parables – Overwatch Cheese

A quick story about Bartle’s Taxonomy of Players and Overwatch.

So last night I was playing Overwatch with 2 friends. Since there was 3 of us in total, we decided to play a couple of 3v3s in the arcade. For the sake of argument, our party was an Explorer, a Killer, and a Socializer. Normally, it’s pretty difficult to find a single game that satisfies all these player types simultaneously, but the way we played in that session managed it.

So what did we do? Cheese comps–team compositions like “all snipers” or “all turrets”, which¬†are generally too inflexible or imbalanced to ever really be useful. Of course, this isn’t a one size fits all solution for getting these player types to play nice, but a little analysis can show how each one of them is getting something from the experience:

Explorer – “Are there any hidden strengths or weaknesses to this comp I didn’t know about before?”

Killer – “That other team is going to feel real bad about losing to all snipers.”

Socializer – “This is going to be a great story later.”

So make sure to keep an eye out! Even games that primarily appeal to one player type can often be played in ways that appeal to other ones.


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