Why Game Design doesn’t belong under Gaming (and other news)

So here’s some thing that’ve been going on with me recently:

  1. Did some reorganization around here, hopefully things are easier to find
  2. I get to call myself a Game Designer now 😀
  3. I’m looking into setting up a twitch stream

Blog Reorganization

I’ve done two things to the way I’ve categorized my posts. First, I’ve made “Game Design” its own category, moving it out from “Gaming”. This is something I’ve learned recently (see topic 2), which is that the design and creation of games is pretty different from the playing and enjoyment of them.

Second, I’ve merged “Gaming” into “Gaming Culture”. Mostly because I can’t think of any “non-culture gaming content” I’d want to post, and having categories for the sake of having them is just overly complex

Living the Dream

While I’ve mentioned it previously in some posts, I totally forgot to explicitly say that I’m now a Game Designer at CGC Games. We released our first game Terrene Odyssey earlier this year and it’s been an amazing process learning about the process of actually getting a game shipped to stores so people can buy it as well as learning about making a name for your game so people know that they should be buying it. More on this to come.

Twitch Stream!

I’m planning (and by writing this here, committing, to an extent) to look into getting a twitch stream set up. I’m hoping I’ll be able to play some games with you all, and also get a chance to talk about a little design while we’re at it. It’ll probably be pretty chill since I’m pretty averagely skilled (sorry, no extreme gosu plays), but hopefully it’ll be interesting content. You can find me at: twitch.tv/archainis


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