Kristy’s Blog

So I’ve had a category on this blog that I’ve been too nervous to post into for a while now: “Spirituality”.

Well, that’s not the whole story. Yes, the prospect of writing about something that I believe in only to have people from the internet take potshots at it because they can isn’t super enticing, but it’s also because my beliefs are central and integrated to my life, so it’s almost even a little mundane to write about them.

More on that later, because today’s post is about highlighting aspects of spirituality that aren’t quite as subtle. Kristy has been one of my mentors growing up and she also has a blog, where she talks about something a little less fun than games: battling cancer.

Facing mortality is always difficult, but what’s inspiring is that amidst these circumstances Kristy still holds hope that her life has worth despite having debilitating obstacles and being likely shorter than others. It’s one of the truest examples of Christianity that I know of, so check it out if you’re tired of all the hypocrites and fakers that have typically been the face of Christianity.


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