Why I main Lucario

A few posts ago, I showcased CGC Games playing the new DLC characters in Smash Bros. I mentioned that I main Lucario. Wanna hear more?

mainThe Cool Factor

First things first: I almost never pay any attention to tier lists. Just being real with myself, I know I’m too lazy and uncompetitive to put the time into being truly competitive in most games. Further, the question of “Who has the better <rewarded skills in specific game>?” is usually pretty boring to me. What’s really fun for me, is that story about how that player defied the odds, or got the most amazing read, or threw their vital match. Thus, I tend to favor characters that have interesting movesets, as long as they’re reasonably competitive.

Besides: blue fire.

The Counter

Lucario has a fairly balanced moveset. Neither his air nor ground game is deficient, and he has the option to both engage and disengage (hello Aura Sphere and Force Palm). This rewards me for adapting to my opponents, which is something I find to be right up my ally as a more analytical player. Having options like the counter, or grabbing foes while you’re in the air is cool too.

Watch the Power of Aura

For those who are newer, Lucario does more damage and hits his opponents further when he has more damage on him. This is in addition to the increased knickknack all characters get when at high damage levels, so you never want to count a Lucario out of the fight.

Just like how Lurcario’s balanced moveset allows for adapting to opponents playstyles, Lucario’s aura scaling allows him to adapt to opponent pacing. This is to say that, unlike most characters, giving up the initiative or some spacing can actually be a worthwhile trade-off in some cases. In my case, I’ll often trade initiative for luring opponents into a false sense of security or time to watch their playstyle. In other words, it lets you have a control of the initiative outside of just rushing your opponent down to keep them off balance.


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