Smash day at CGC Games

New characters were released as DLC in Smash Bros. CGC Games’s response? Spend a day playing with them!


BYOC! This trusty controller’s long history can be seen in the totally eroded rubber on the stick.

Coming for a background as tournament organizers and otherwise competitive gamers, there was lots of stiff competition between my teammates. While I wouldn’t claim to be the best Smasher out there (I don’t even own a Wii U!), it’s always fun to test my skills and fascinating to see how more skilled players go about their business.

Screenshot from Smash Bros. for Wii U. Copyright owned by Nintendo.

Blue dog! Er, I mean LUCARIO!

I spent a few games trying out the dlc characters, but I’m really a Lucario main at heart! There just isn’t any beating the blue fire dog (except in Smash, but y’know). I can proudly say that after getting all that practice in, I can now semi-reliably hit back-airs!

Sandwiches from Little Lucca's! Turkey pesto FTW!

Sandwiches from Little Lucca’s! Turkey pesto FTW!

Finally, as a break from the fighting, we went out to grab lunch!


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