Unexpected Genius in Skyrim (read: I’m really lazy)

I’ve come upon an interesting phenomenon in Skyrim that seems to be unintentional. While playing, instead of using Pickpocketing to vacuum all possible loot into my character (what seems like a clear win), I was actually making a decision!

If we break this down, the choice of whether or not to pickpocket in Skyrim comes down to basically 3 factors:

  1. Is the risk too high? (Won’t pickpocket if consequences are too expensive/likely)
  2. Is the reward sufficient? (Will pickpocket if loot is juicy enough)
  3. Am I trying to max out my character? (Must pickpocket)

The main “official” risk of pickpocketing is that if you get caught, you’ll get a bounty placed on your head. As we should all know by now, gold is no object in Skyrim–so paying off a bounty is no big deal. Sometimes, your victims are nice enough to hire some thugs deliver more goods to you later (worn on their bodies), and bonus: those spoils of battle aren’t even considered stolen goods.


What kind of goodies could you be holding?

Besides, even if I get caught, there’s this magical thing called reloading my save that I can use to make it so it never happened! Therefore: steal all the things! Right?

Well as it turns out, and I’ve been watching me play Skyrim for 500 something odd hours, I don’t actually do that. Here’s how the thinking process for that works out:

  • Knowing myself, I’d choose to reload over paying a bounty
    • But reloading would disrupt my immersion and game flow…
  • Therefore: Do not pickpocket

Just Nord Mead? How disappointing…

I have successfully meta’d myself into a gameplay decision.


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