A Thing I Do: When I’m Feeling Insecure

worry about my usernames.

Do they really represent me? Will I someday regret having started with a name? What’s a good way to reference a few cool things? What if when I try to reference a cool thing, I turn into that guy who only does that one thing? Is it catchy enough? Is it pronounceable enough? Is it short enough? Do people think it sounds stupid? What if people think it sounds too snobby?

I can’t be the only one who does this, right?


2 thoughts on “A Thing I Do: When I’m Feeling Insecure

  1. I solved this by having one username for everything that means nothing. The weird thing is that I’ve now associated it with an alter-ego of myself. When I create a story and I don’t want to use my name, I use Davaned as a stand-in for myself. Its been 10 years since I randomly added an “ed” to Davan because I was tired of trying to create a name for Runescape that wasn’t taken. It’s just become my online name now.


    • Yeah, that’s definitely a great solution. It does take a bit of confidence to let yourself be comfortable with that first username to begin with, but essentially that’s what I do now. At the same time, all those old names sometimes see use when I’m naming multiple characters, or one of their personalities is more apt for the situation.


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